Ray McBride

Hi, I'm Ray McBride and I'm a full stack developer from London, England.

I have been working with the web since 2000 using a number of technologies and languages, as a free-lancer, in full time employment and in both the public and private sectors.

In 2004 I gained a MSc in Computing Science from the University of London and since then have been specialising in development using the Java programming language. Over the past few of years I have also developed websites using the Ruby-on-Rails framework but these days primarily use Python and the Django framework.

Since 2010 I have also taken on a management role, utilising the Scrum variation of agile development. In 2013 I passed the PSM 1 certification assessment.

My specialities include:

Agile Development, Project Management, Scrum, Kanban, XP, UML, Problem Solving, Verbal and Written Communication, Analysing, Reporting, Testing, PCI DSS.

My technical skills include, but are not limited to the following:

Python, Django, Java, Android, C++, iOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, React, XML, AWS, SOAP, REST, SQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Spring, Gradle, Linux, Apache, Nginx, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Subversion, Git, Salt.

I also love martial arts, in particular Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.